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PCDJ Karaoki - Karaoke Software

for almost all DJ & Lighting Lines
PCDJ Karaoki - Karaoke Software

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PCDJ Karaoki (PCDJ Karaoke KJ Pro Software)

PCDJ KARAOKI is karaoke show hosting software designed for professional KJs. Karaoki includes an on-deck singer list with singer history, key control, news ticker, a library printer, a jukebox background music player, and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier than ever before. The software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats and various video files. With PCDJ Karaoki all your digital karaoke files are stored on your hard drive, so you can search, load and play any of your karaoke tunes instantly. Karaoki includes two karaoke music download stores built right in; and now the world’s first and only professional in-app karaoke music subscription – the Karaoke Cloud Pro! PCDJ KARAOKI is a high performance professional Karaoke product that is ideal for the working DJ/KJ to the Karaoke enthusiast. Enhance your karaoke show with this simple yet powerful player that sets the standard in karaoke show performance!

Karaoki Cloud Pro integration
New: Case ‘Tree’ Grouping
True Rotation and Solo-Singer Modes
Automatic Capitalization of the Singers name
The ability to change the singers list color on screen 2
Faster Case scanning
New de-multiplexer with singer coach control.
The column positions are saved on exit on the main screen
BGM now has ‘Pause and load next track’ option
Support for CD+G disk playback when using the ‘Karaoke for DirectX’ codec (32bit windows only)
Drunk-Lock feature
Built in Karaoke Locker.com song store
built-in Select-A-Track Karaoke store
Multi file drop in, main case and rotation lists
Adjustable “End Silence Detection
Key-control (half steps in semi-tones)
More Naming Conventions
Control-Key’ keyboard shortcuts
Video playback Support (stand-alone mode only)Note: proper codecs must be installed on the machine
If you’re having trouble playing video files with PCDJ Karaoki, please try installing the combined community codec pack from this site (yellow button)
DiskID columns in case and search lists.
Auto Play (Auto Karaoke)
New Show’ option on rotation menu, this clears the rotation, history and singer lists but not singer database.
‘Times Up’ counter to the singer Db.
Instant songs sung review, clicking on the player song shows a list of all songs that have been loaded into the player for the current session
Stand-alone or plug into DEX 1.1 or Red mobile 1.1 (NOT 2.0).
Background Music Player in stand-Alone mode.
Configurable menu colors.
‘Review’ history button.
Drag ‘n’ Drop loading and Rotation re-ordering.
Singer History.
Karaoke song cases independent form DJ music cases.
Case printer. Print out your songbooks direct from Karaoki.
Scan Karaoke tracks using MP3 Tags or File naming conventions.
Singer screen auto sizes.
News Ticker.
Next 5 singers displayed on singer screen.
Auto Fades the background music playing from DEX / Red Mobile.
Supports MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G (zip 2.0), WAV+G (Not Zipped).
Hide / Show case Columns in Case and search Lists.
User Selectable DEX / Red Mobile 1.1 deck user for karaoke.
Search by typing anywhere on the main screen, no need to click in the search box.
Pitch control.
Graphic / Audio offset.
Automatically delete singer from rotation after 20 seconds singing.
Can be used with remote touch screen terminal using wireless or wired network, selected tracks and singer loaded automatically into rotation list.
Re-sizeable case / list text.
Import m3u playlists.
Windows 7/8 64bit compatible.

System Requirements:

Intel or AMD Dual Core “Pentium Class” 2GHz computer or Greater ( Not Celeron/Sempron Dual Core)
1024×768 SVGA video
DirectX or ASIO compatible soundcard
1 Gig RAM (XP), 2 GIG RAM (Vista), 2 GIG RAM (Win 7), 4 GIG RAM (Win 8)
40 MB free on the hard-drive
PC / Laptop with dual head video card with 64MB minimum dedicated graphics RAM, shared graphics memory is NOT Recommended.

Intel Dual Core or AMD 64 x 2
DirectX 9 or Better Video Card
4.1 DirectX or ASIO compatible soundcard (with front and rear separate outputs)
2 GIG RAM or Better
200 MB free on the hard-drive
PC / Laptop with dual head video card with 64MB minimum dedicated graphics RAM, shared graphics memory is NOT Recommended.

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