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RCF Art 500-A
This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.
Discount DJ Equipment, DJ Gear, and Stage Lighting
Discount DJ Equipment, DJ Gear, and Stage Lighting


The RCF ART 500-A is the milestone in ART series evolution. The careful acoustic design, no compromise transducers and a unique, patent pending, composite cabinet make ART 500-A the preferred tool of many professionals. Perfect in live sound reinforcement and reliable installed situations.

- 500 watt Monolithic bi-amplification, 400 watt low frequency and 100 watt high frequency power
- 129 dB max SPL
- Wide dispersion, 80 x 60 low distortion, constant directivity horn
- 15" high efficiency woofer, 75mm edge wound aluminium coil
- 2" titanium dome, high frequency driver
- Electronic equalization, phase alignment, limiter and protection
- Mic/Line XLR input, XLR signal output
- 2 side handles for easy transportation and positioning
- Four M10 fly points and pole mount adaptor Wood reinforced polypropylene enclosure

RCF ART 500-A is a 2 way active system offering substantial power for a variety of professional applications that include primary sound reinforcement and supplementary fill for larger systems. It integrates a high power 500 Watt amplifier, a complete electronic processor section and a premium RCF low distortion, high power transducer. The result is a compact, high power accurate system, unique in his class for clarity and low distortion.

The 15" inch woofer, thanks to its 3" edge wound aluminium coil and a massive magnetic structure guarantee a fast and accurate midbass frequency range a powerful bass reproduction.

The compression driver uses a 0.05 mm titanium dome featuring a vented suspension and is powered from a massive high flux ceramic magnet and an edge wound 75 mm aluminium voice coil. This top class driver offers a high output, transparent midrange sound and clarity in high frequencies reproduction. The polynomial horn features a ring-mode suppression design to deliver controlled coverage at the highest sonic purity.

A 2 step class H Amplifier design is used to power the low frequencies and the compression driver amplifier is a powerful and clear class AB design.

The input section offers an XLR input connector that is switchable from microphone to line levels. A master volume control and a useful XLR loopthrough link guarantee the best versatility. The processor section includes active crossover, system equalization, transducer phase alignment, limiter and protection functions.

All components are housed in a rigid polypropylene composite enclosure that is further reinforced with two internal 15 mm thick plywood panels. The woofer is protected by a powder coated, metal grille. The cabinet features four M10 threaded fly points, a 35 mm pole mount adaptor and two side handles.

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