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Wholesale DJ Groups

Our DJ Equipment Buyer Clubs are perfect for networking DJ's, large DJ companies, installers, webmasters of DJ sites, and even groups of DJ friends. Want to save more money on your DJ gear and still get the same great service from KPODJ? Sign up yourself and make some money by selling to the DJ's in your network. Or sign up as a group and share the savings. We have three levels of memberships including one free membership. Sign up today and save BIG on DJ equipment and stage lighting! See the different levels below.

The Reverse Marketplace

All of the big guys have marketplaces that allow them to profit just by advertising products for sale by other stores. Amazon, eBay, Sears, Buy.com, etc. Why can't the DJ sites, DJ forums, and other DJ related sites do the same thing? It doesn't matter if you have a small blog, a facebook page, or a 500,000 page website. You can list products from our store on your site, accept the orders, have it shipped from us to the customer, and bring in revenue for your site.
*(If this interests you, please read the disclaimer about MAP policies before listing anything publicly.)

All members will get...

  • Free Shipping/Handling on Everything
  • No minimums
  • Free Membership (Level 1 Only)
  • No Spam
  • Cancel Any Time
  • Guaranteed BEST Prices

Level 1: VIP Membership
It's a no-brainer. Sign up now to check it out. It's free and real easy to do.
Note: You will NOT be spammed or added to our newsletter for signing up.
Price: $0.00
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Level 2: Gold Membership
Buy wholesale DJ Equipment, DJ Gear, and Stage Lighting at 4% over the Platinum Membership prices.
Note: You will receive great rates on merchandise, but if you order more than $700 per month, the Platinum Membership is the better option.
Price: $19.99/month (4 month min.)

Level 3: Platinum Membership
Buy wholesale DJ Equipment, DJ Gear, and Stage Lighting at the absolute deepest discount we have to offer anyone for any reason. This is for serious buyers looking to do a lot of volume on a regular basis.

You can also enjoy one on one phone consultation with our product specialists. They can help you choose the best products to offer your customers, train you with insights into market trends, and help you avoid pitfalls often associated with online sales.

Price: $49.99/month
(4 month min.)


*DISCLAIMER - MUST READ*: The wholesale club is designed for networking DJ's, DJ companies, large buying groups, installers, and webmasters of DJ sites. Since the Gold Membership and Platinum Membership are not free, we do encourage our members to sell merchandise for a profit. Members may sell the products for any price, but may NOT publicly ADVERTISE them below the MAP (minimum advertised price) set by the manufacturer. Members caught breaking MAP will be CUT OFF IMMEDIATELY from the specific line(s) and will need the manufacturer's permission to buy said line from us again. No warnings, first offense will cause you to lose the line. If you are not familiar with MAP policies, contact us.

Also, the following lines may not be publicly advertised for sale without the manufacturer's prior written consent: Pioneer, Rane, Denon, Stanton, JBL, Crown, DBX, AKG, Soundcraft, Lexicon.

After signing up for your membership, create a FREE KPODJ Account. Within 1 business day your account will be changed to show Gold or Platinum pricing.