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American DJ LED Dummy LED579 Dimmer Load Device


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Product Description
UPC#: 640282001656

American DJ's LED DUMMY is a high quality load device for use with triac control circuits and LED lighting gear. Connect the LED DUMMY inline to the power output of dimmer packs. The U.S. version of the DMX Dummy features a standard Edison Socket design for power transmission.

"Lights out"" is supposed to mean just that ""Lights out"".  Well, as anyone who’s ever worked with LED fixtures & dimmer packs knows, they can have an afterglow that keeps emitting small amounts of light even after the dimmer has been turned off.

Finally, “Off” can really mean ""Off"" thanks to the new LED Dummy. The LED Dummy is a simple, but effective load device that makes afterglows go away! The LED Dummy plugs into a dimmer pack and completely absorbs the load so the LEDs aren’t constanly fed the small traces of power that keep the faint glow of light alive.

Designed for triac control circuits, the LED Dummy uses a standard Edison socket and plug. The device consumes very little power and measures only 50.5 by 36 by 38 mm.

Operating Voltage: AC90V-260V
Resistance: 2000 ohm impedence, 5% tolerance
Power Consumption: 0.5W Max
Connection: Edison socket and plug
Housing: PC + UV resistant
IP Rating: IP 20
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions(LxWxH): 50.5 x 36 x 38mm
Weight: 27.5g

ADJ LED-579   ( American DJ Dummy LED Dimmer )

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