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Ape Labs Coin TourPack (6pc) DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.
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Reviews: Description Q&A: 1 $0 Shipping, $0 Tax *0% Interest
Product Description


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-This package includes USB power supplies, but not battery packs. If you'd like to use these with a battery, we recommend: USB Battery Pack (for up to 4 Coins)
-For more control features than the ApeRemote, check out: W-App DMX and Smartphone App

The output of the ApeCoin is almost identical to that of the famous LightCan. The difference is that the Coin smaller and doesn't have internal batteries. The Coin can be powered by any 5V USB power supply (battery or wall unit) with an output of at least 0.5 Amps.

The Coin comes with the super unique Fresnel effect lens, that everyone has come to love from the LightCan. This creates its signature "Wall-Art" effect that you have to experience to fully understand. Whether you have it against wall, behind a facade, under a table, pointed at the dancefloor, or highlighting an object, it'll get some serious attention!

Need more? No problem. Swap out the lens for its included frost lens to give it a crazy wide, 170 degree beam, which is perfect for real short throws.

Fear not, the Coin has you covered!

-100% Made & Engineered in Germany
-3 Year USA Warranty
-Seamless integration with any Ape Labs fixture via wireless DMX
-Group-able with any Ape Labs fixtures via Ape Remote (create DMX-like lighting shows, without having to program DMX)
-All metal design with premium components
-Designed to be extremely simple, easy, efficient, small & lightweight
-3,000-ft DMX range with W-Ape or MobiLight 4
-100-ft 2.4GHz range with Ape Remote
-Built-in DMX Receiver & Repeater (for both DMX control and Ape Remote control)
-Built-in colors/programs and sound active (with auto adjusting room sensitivity)
-All wireless products use similar internal software so auto programs will match with mixed SKUs

-Effect Light / Wide Wash-light
-Often used for "wall art" or as extra wide wash light
-Adjustable lens for various effects
-Water Resistant

The Ape Labs Coin is a versatile LED fixture for many difference applications. Use it by itself for a 15 Watt LED effect, or in groups to effectively create much more powerful fixtures. Their built-in magnets and extremely compact size make them super easy to group in various arrangements. The Coin also has built-in M6 threading at the bottom for additional mounting options.

The Coin is powered by 5V USB voltage, so it is universally compatible with all standard USB power supplies and USB battery packs. The ring on top screws off to swap out the optics for various applications. The housing is water resistant and totally splash-proof. So it can virtually be used anywhere.

The Coin is the ideal product to create a quick and easy atmosphere for everything from mobile DJ events to simple home use. It can be used with a permanently connected power supply or with a USB power bank. Battery life will depend on the battery pack that is used, but one 16,000 mAh battery pack can power two coins for over 12 hours.

The ApeLabs 2.4GHz Remote Control can be used to control the Coin and/or any other Ape Labs product. You can control an unlimited quantity and unlimited variety of ApeLabs fixtures, all at the same time....up to four different groups from a single remote.

Professional users can control the Coin via "wireless DMX" with the ape labs W-APE (or W-App) wireless DMX transceiver or with the MobiLight 4 (light and transceiver combo).

The pre-configured programs, colors, and speeds offer the perfect lighting for any event. Moreover, the lamp has a sound active mode. It is controlled by the internal microphone, which adapts automatically to the volume.

Because of the splash-proof design, the Coin is suitable for (temporary) outdoor use. The housing is made of aircraft aluminum, which meets the highest requirements of professional users.

All ape labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same Remote Control, W-APP DMX Transceiver and Smartphone App, or MobiLight 4. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other and repeat the original 2.4GHz signal continuously (100ft range per LightCan, ApeLight Mini, or ApeStick 4 / 3,000ft range per ApeLight Maxi, ApeLight, or MobiLight 4).

-15 Watts RGBW LED
-65° effect lens
-170° frost lens
-Built-in colors and programs with controllable speed
-Sound to light with auto gain form internal microphone or from a central microphone of a W-APE transceiver
-4 Group Management
-Multiple DMX modes: 3 channels (Dimmer, Program, Speed); 4 channels (RGBW 8-Bit); 8 channels (RGBW 16-Bit)
-Housing made of aircraft aluminum

LightCan: 1.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
Weight: 0.55 pounds

Keep It Simple!

Ape Labs ApeCoin TourPack   ( Ape Labs Ape Coin Tour Pack )

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