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Ape Labs Trifecta | Solo

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Product Description

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3x Coin
1x CoinBank
3x 10 degree lenses

The CoinBank is a polished, metal housing which holds up to (3) Ape Labs Coins and (1) USB Battery Pack. Since Coins have built-in magnets, they easily and securely attach to the metal plate in seconds.

When you add the CoinBank to your Ape Labs arsenal, your uplighting potential is only limited by your imagination!

Limited imagination? Don't worry, there's more than enough pre-set options! The CoinBank is designed to hold (3) Ape Labs Coins: Left, Right, and Center. The left side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. The right side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. And the entire structure has (7) pre-set angle adjustments.
Plus, each coin has (3) optional lenses available. That means that each CoinBank can produce 3,024 different pre-set looks....with just one color. Since each Coin is independently controllable, and the ApeRemote offers (20) pre-set color scenes, you'll have over 24 Million different pre-set looks you can create from just one CoinBank (filled with three Coins) and an ApeRemote!

Create an effect similar to the original Ape Labs MobiLight or ApeLight Art by using three Coins with Fresnel lenses. Create an effect similar to an Ape Labs Maxi by using three Coins with 10 Degree Optics. Or create anything in between!

ApeLabs Tri Fecta Modular Light   ( Ape Labs CoinBank with Coins )

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