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Ape Labs W-Ape DMX Transceiver DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.
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Reviews: Description Q&A: 2 $0 Shipping, $0 Tax *0% Interest
Product Description
1x W-Ape
1x Antenna
1x Power Supply Unit (100-240V)

-100% Made & Engineered in Germany
-3 Year USA Warranty
-Seamless integration with any Ape Labs fixture & Ape Remote
-All metal design with premium components
-3,000ft DMX range (Or extend the Ape Remote's range from 100ft to 3,000ft)
-Can be used as receiver to connect non-Ape Labs products to wireless DMX signal
-Can be used as receiver/repeater to extend DMX range further than 3,000ft

The W-APE 2.4GHz wireless DMX transceiver will transmit DMX-512 signal up to 3,000ft!

But it's more than just a wireless DMX transceiver. Part of the beauty of Ape Labs fixtures is their simple design. Most wireless fixtures don't have any control buttons or LCD screens on them. So in order to set the DMX channel and adjust their internal settings, a W-Ape (or MobiLight 4) is needed. To start programming, simply turn a wireless fixture on while it's near the W-Ape. The screen that would normally be displayed on the lighting fixture is instead displayed on the W-Ape.  If you press any button within a few seconds, you'll be in the light, adjusting settings....and the light will tell you it's receiving your adjustments by subtlety blinking a dim blue. When you're done, just wait 5 seconds. The screen on the W-Ape will turn back to its own and the fixture will remember all of your settings. It doesn't matter if you turn the fixture off or if the batteries die, your settings will be locked in until you change them again.

Don't have a DMX controller? No problem. The W-Ape has some on-board controls for simple DMX programming. It also has an intelligent microphone so you can synchronize sound active mode across all fixtures with a centralized microphone. You can even mix and match different Ape Labs fixtures. Or, if you have the Ape Remote, extend the wireless range from 100ft to 3,000ft by pairing it with the W-Ape.

Finally, the W-Ape can be used to wirelessly update the firmware on your fixtures right from home, if Ape Labs puts out an update.

Size: 7.75" x 7.75" x 2.25"
Weight 2.2lb

All ape labs products are compatible with each other and can be controlled by the same Remote Control, W-APE Transceiver, or MobiLight 4. All colors and programs match across the different device types. Ape Labs devices communicate with each other and repeat the original 2.4GHz signal continuously (100ft range per LightCan, ApeLight Mini, or ApeStick 4 / 3,000ft range per ApeLight Maxi, ApeLight, or MobiLight 4).

ApeLabs WApe   ( Ape Labs W Ape )

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