Audio - Choosing the Right Speakers

Whatever the scope of your event, top-quality speakers are key

Whatever the scale of your event, nothing can kill the mood faster than a set of poor-quality speakers. After all, if you've taken the time to put together a sentimental playlist for an emotional occasion, or have enlisted a top-notch DJ for a night of relentless beats, you'll want the sound to be crisp and clear.

AT KPODJ, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can advise you on the best sound system for any gathering. And, because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we only carry products from the highest quality manufacturers in the industry, all sold at incredible wholesale prices.

We carry the best of EV

Electro-Voice, or EV, is known around the world for producing great sound systems that could rise to the challenge of any stadium. During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, nine out of 10 stadiums were decked out with EV sound equipment, making sure that the commentary was broadcast loud and clear for one of the most highly anticipated sporting events on Earth.

But, you don't need a stadium full of people to appreciate the quality of EV's products. Any environment can benefit from the high-end sound of EV's Live Series. One of our most popular speakers is the EV ELX112P, a lightweight and versatile sound system that packs an impressive amount of power. This 12'' two-way speaker comes with a 1000 W amp and has plenty of input and output options, so it can easily be hooked up for a business presentation, wedding reception or all-night blowout. It also comes in a larger but equally portable 15'' model - the Electro-Voice ELX115P.

To fill any room with a dose of bass, you can add the Electro-Voice ELX118P to your sound sytem. This sturdy subwoofer will add a whole new depth to your sound, making the perfect complement to the ELX112P or ELX115P. This equipment comes with a 700 W amp and is perfect for stacked or pole-mounted setups.

For high-quality sound fit for a stadium

If you need a piece of equipment to compete with the clamor in a largescale venue, look no further than the JBL PRX-612 M. This speaker is part of the PRX600 Series of self-powered speakers built to take on the challenges of sound reinforcement. This versatile model is a perfect choice for Front of House PA systems and stage monitors, and can be hooked up to any sound source, no mixer necessary.

For high-quality sound without the arena-impact

Of course, you aren't always going to be performing to a stadium full of people. If you're just starting out and need a reliable set of speakers that are reasonably inexpensive, take a look at the Behringer EUROLIVE B212D. This pair of 550-watt speakers is one of the most popular sets for entry-level entertainers, and works as a great PA system for DJ sets, business conferences and other event.

But, if you're just starting out and need a reliable set of speakers to practice with, Numark NPM-5 speaker set. Despite the low price, you won't be sacrificing any highs or lows with this all-in-one speaker set, which includes a 5" woofer, 1" tweeter and built-in amplifier. The NPM-5 makes a great starter set to use for house parties and other small-scale gigs if you're still working on your sound (or saving up your funds).

We also carry equipment from Technical Pro's unique FUSE line series. The Technical Pro Vort-12, for example, gives a bit more quick without blowing your budget. This equipment is 1000 W of auditory power in a compact and stackable frame.

Whether you're a devout audio enthusiast with a specific device in mind, a sound-equipment newbie with no idea where to begin, the professionals at our New Jersey store can help you assemble the perfect sound system for your needs.