Start Your Career with the Right DJ Package

For a truly unforgettable set, you need the right gear

If you have a talent for mixing tracks and want to share your musical sensibilities with the world, you may have what it takes to be a great DJ. But, however talented you may be, your natural gifts won't get you anywhere unless you have the right DJ equipment to show them off.

While you're on your own when it comes to crafting your first set, we can help you with everything else.There's no need to discern between every individual element of your setup when you're still trying to find your feet in the business. At KPODJ, our DJ packages are specially designed to give newcomers a feel for this exciting craft.

Start gigging now with these complete DJ packages

At KPODJ, we offer three great starter packages to meet your needs as a burgeoning DJ. And, since all of our experienced staff members started out as DJs themselves, you can trust that these kits will have everything you need to get started

DJ Starter Package I

The complete DJ starter package I comes with a Technical Pro DMX-2 CD Player & Mixer Combo. This all-in-one CD mixer is a heavy-duty piece of equipment built to withstand the demands of the the most raucous house parties. The rubberized jog wheel makes it easy to cue your tracks, while the built-in anti-shock system will ensure that your set isn't interrupted by track skips.

But, you can't get the crowd dancing without a set of high-quality speakers. That's where the Technical Pro ROX Powered Speaker Set comes in. These two stackable 12-inch 2-way speakers, complete with built-in amplifier, will blast your tracks with a combined 1800 watts of peak power.

Of course, even the most experienced DJs may need to iron out the kinks in their set before taking to the stage. This DJ package also comes with a set of Technical Pro Hi-FI Headphones, so you can go through your entire playlist without driving your roommates crazy.

DJ Starter Package II

For something a little more sophisticated, consider the DJ Starter Package II. This setup includes a two-disc CD deck and mixer in a single piece of premium hardware from one of the most trusted names in the business: Numark. The Numark CD 1 is an ultra-portable device that gives you complete mix control without the hassle of lugging tons of DJ gear to every gig.

Once you've got your playlist under control, channel that talent through a top-of-the-line Behringer B212D. This 550-watt 2-way speaker with a 12-inch woofer is light and compact, making it perfect for the hectic lDJ lifestyle. Plus, this package also includes two speaker stands, so you'll have everything you need to set up your stage.

DJ Starter Package III

Our final DJ package comes loaded with another sweet Dual-deck/mixer combo - the Gemini CDM3250. With two jog wheels for easy navigation, the intuitive control panel on this DJ gear makes it outrageously simple to search for the perfect track and select playback features. Once you've picked your cue points, the pitch control slider on this device lets you match beats like a breeze.

We've paired the Gemini CDM3250 with an impressive 800-watt speaker system. The Gemini RS412 has a 200-watt amplifier for a clean, crisp sound that will cut through the clamor in any room. Complete with an Ultimate Support Jam Stand for both speakers, this starter set is a truly comprehensive DJ package.

These complete DJ systems have been designed by actual DJs who understand the challenges you'll face when you first hit the scene. However, each one of DJ packages can be upgraded to better suit your needs.

Not sure which setup is right for you? Give us a call or contact our experts online for advice on the right DJ package.