Visual - Choosing the Right Lighting

Getting the lighting right is key for any event

Getting the stage lighting right is an important part of putting on an event. After all, no matter how well-rehearsed a performance, or exquisitely designed a set, none of that will matter if the crowd can't actually see it. The lighting and sound equipment you choose both have a huge role in the impact you are going to have on your audience, so don't make either decision without doing some research.

At KPODJ, you'll get the chance to work with a team of experienced DJs who have fitted equipment for every type and scale of occasion. That means that, whatever vibe you're trying to set, we'll know the lighting system you'll need to create it. We pride ourselves on carrying the best quality lighting and shockingly affordable warehouse prices, so you won't have to make sacrifices when it comes to your event.

We have the best of Blizzard

We carry a wide range of lighting supplies from Blizzard Lighting, a Wisconsin-based company run by people who understand the demands of DJ stage lighting.

And, the best way to take advantage of anything Blizzard is with one of our best-selling items - the Blizzard Lighting wiCicle. This pocket-sized device can take some of the stress out of your lighting setup. If you're holding a large-scale affair with different lighting elements, this tool can spare you a lot of hassle. Using wireless DMX technology, the Blizzard Lighting Wicicle runs 512 frequencies in seven distinct groups, so you can actually manage up to seven individual setups free of interference. Plus, this tool sends DMX signals to your lights from up to 300 meters away.

One of the best products to use with the Blizzard Lighting wiCicle is a better, brighter version of the famed Blizzard Puck 3. The Blizzard Puck 3NX is a great option for stage washing, dancefloors or uplighting. Equipped with 9x 3-watt Edison Edixeon Tri-Color LEDs, this system can make a jaw-dropping impact anywhere. The Puck 3NX shines at an impressive 6,500 lux at one meter, and comes with easy-to-use control panels so you can adjust any detail you need. At 5.6 pounds, this light source is easy to tote around, too.

For an even more dramatic effect, take a look at the Blizzard Lighting ICE 30 moving headspot. With six rotating, interchangeable gobos, this item also has a three-facet rotating prism, seven dichroic color filters and motorized focus, so you can put on a truly spectacular show.

Choose Chauvet to light the way

If you have any experience in DJ stage lighting, you've probably heard of Chauvet, the global heavyweight that is lighting concert arenas around the world.

So, want to add some serious power to your upcoming event? Take a look at the Chauvet SlimPack 56. This all-in-one uplighting package includes four SlimPAR 56 wash lights, an Obey 3 DMX controller and four 10-foot cables. All of that comes neatly packed into a CHS-SP4 VIP Gear Bag, making this lighting system perfect for the road.

If you need the makings for a party on the go, the Chauvet 4Play system may be just the thing. This gear was designed for portability, but still has a lot of power. The six-channel DMX-512 LED beam effect system has four LED moonflowers built in one bar, with red, green, blue and white diodes that can all be individually controlled. To liven up a DJ set, switch to strobe and let the rotating beams get the crowd ready for some music. 

If you need advice on the right gear for your stage lighting scenario, the team at KPODJ is happy to help. We can help set you up with a lighting system that will make sure your event has the impact you want.