X-Laser DMX Control Boards

DMX controllers are the interface between you and your light show. The selection of DMX lighting controllers is dependent on several factors. It is important that you get the controller capable of doing all that you will need as you build your lighting show. Simple controllers (3 to 5 channel) will enable you to mix basic colors and select a few fixtures at a time. If your show includes moving head lights you will need a controller with more channels (7 to 12). If you will be creating complicated lighting shows with moving heads, strobes, washes, lasers and other effect lights, or you will need to create stage lighting for plays and shows you should consider software controllers. They offer an almost unlimited level of control and the ability to create exciting shows on the fly. Another thing to consider is wireless DMX. This can eliminate long wire runs from the controller to the first light in the DMX chain some newer controllers have Wireless transmitters built in. Browse below and view our DMX light controllers.

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