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Eternal Lighting XT-Mitter W-DMX

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Product Description
XT Mitter WDMX is a Wireless DMX Transmitter designed to work with any fixture from Eternal Lighting with the W-DMX Receivers installed in them. This could be from Eternal Lighting or any other manufacture that uses the W-DMX Boards. This XT Mitter W-DMX is a compact W-DMX Tranmitter using the latest 5G board for superior quality of tramission to your lighting using W-DMX.

Voltage: 110/230V 50/60Hz Power: 6W.
Voltage 110/230 50/60Hz
Power: 6 Watts
Wireless: 2.4G Wireless Solutions W-DMX 5G
Weight: 1kg. 2.2 lbs

Dimensions: 145x120x60mm. 5.70" x 4.72" x 2.36"

Setting Up:
1. One transmitter, multi receivers

Turn all power switches on, all DMX indicator(s) should be off (If some DMX indicator is on or flash, press & hold the light’s FUNCTION button until it turns off); then press the transmitter’s FUNCTION button for one second, all the receivers will flash fast; then all get matched.

2. Multi transmitters, multi receivers (e.g. 3 pair transmitter & receiver named A B C) have all power switches off.
1)  A pair power on, then follow the step 1 to get themmatched.
2)  B pair power on, then follow the step 1 to get themmatched.
3)  C pair power on, then follow the step 1 to get themmatched.

Disconnect the wireless transmitter
1  Press and hold the transmitter’s FUNCTION button for 5 seconds, the transmitter will disconnect with all receivers. The DMX indicators on receivers will beoff.

Building a DMX-chain:

Connect the DMX-output of the first fixture in the DMX-chain with the DMX-input of the next fixture. Always connect one output with the input of the next fixture until all fixtures are connected.

Caution: At the last fixture, the DMX-cable has to be terminated with a terminator. Solder a 120 Ω resistor between Signal (–) and Signal (+) into a 3-pin XLR-plug and plug it in the DMX-output of the last fixture.

Only use a stereo-shielded cable and 3-pin or 5-pin XLR-plugs and connectors in order to connect the controller with the fixture or one fixture with another.

Available Options:
XT Mitter W-DMX 3-Pin
XT Mitter W-DMX 5-Pin

Eternal XTMitter WDMX   ( Eternal Lighting XT Mitter W DMX Transceiver )

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