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Martin M2GO Controller

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Product Description

Martin M2GO Controller (Martin M2-Go DMX Controller)

Equipped with a fast, dual-core processor with no external computer required, the M2GO answers the demand for a more powerful lighting console in a smaller form. It offers a professional level of features in a portable package and has been developed with cost, ergonomics, feature set, size and weight in mind. The M2GO is a unique, portable and powerful lighting console.

Built-in Industrial Dual Core CPU, 32GB SSD, 4GB RAM, HDMI, VGA, Dual Gigabit Artnet and Maxnet
3.5” touchscreen for fast and direct parameter access
4 digital encoders for parameters
8 customizable function keys
4 DMX ports standard; additional external DMX ports can be added as options
Controls up to 4096 parameters
Standard license for 4 Universes; up to 8 Universes with optional expansion license pack
Customizable Graphical User Interface with context sensitive toolbars and integrated Help menu
Powerful effects engine
1000 cuelists with fader control
1000 cuelists with playback control buttons
Parallel execution of multiple cuelists
Submaster, Groupmaster and Override functionality
Parameter and Time-fanning functionality
Auto update for presets and cues
On-the-fly global timing adjustments
Up to 4x DMX Universes direct from the console; up to 8 Universes with optional license
Mx Manager Software for programming and triggering via time and calendar schedules
Multiple wing attachment (M-Series Modules)

The Martin M2GO console offers a similar set of features that you find in much larger and much more expensive consoles. What makes the M2GO software different is the intuitive user interface it provides in a very affordable package.
The M2GO software is a no-nonsense design. Simple windows and menus are all designed to be used with a touchscreen or mouse, and access to anything is rarely more than one or two clicks away.

Bringing together lighting and video
The Martin M2GO user interface and structure allows for video and lighting integration with unmatched simplicity. The convergence of video and lighting is a reality no one can escape and is part of large and small productions. Traditional “moving light desks” were never optimized to handle media servers properly. Using CITP protocol, the Martin M2GO can display all video and cue content through a series of thumbnails. This simplifies the process of choosing content to display on video screens.

Parameter control
One of the first features any new user will notice is how well laid out the device parameters are on the M2GO. Each device definition contains all needed information to properly show the parameters using a contextual approach. Values are logically represented in order to be readable and understandable by the user. All fixture libraries are designed with attention to detail and all possible functions are mapped out in a fast, accessible system with multiple control options.

Color control
A generic color picker and access to multiple libraries from LEE, Rosco and GAM with hundreds of choices makes finding the right color a breeze. No longer is the color a combination of DMX values. Quick access through the M2GO color browser helps to find just the right one.

Fixture library
The M2GO comes with an extensive fixture library that covers all major manufacturers as well as the most obscure DMX device on the market. A built-in fixture editor allows the user to create and share their own fixture profiles.

Intuitive and powerful fixture patch
Adding fixtures to a show on the M2GO as is easy as it can be. Using a step-by-step wizard, fixtures can be added to the patch without the need to read a complex manual. The M2GO patch offers other powerful functions such as fixture cloning, re-addressing and re-numbering, and assigning addresses is a simple drag and drop operation.

Intelligent grouping
M2GO fixture grouping does more than simply store fixtures together inside a Group number. Its powerful masking system allows for many variants of fixture orders and combinations, each of which can be utilized for effects and timing controls extremely fast. Generic fixture masks like ‘every third’ or ‘odd and even’ can be stored for quick recall and the masks are seamlessly integrated into the Group window.

Effects generator
The M2GO features one of the best effects generators on the market. Each parameter of every device has its own effect parameter. Each generator has a multitude of curves and its own speed control, amplitude and delay. All effects parameters will track through your cuelist like any other device parameter. Multiple parameters can be easily synchronized together to speed up programming and the M2GO provides extremely fine control over all aspects of FX programming and playback.

Global and live timing
Following the pace of a show is a breeze with the M2GO. At any time, the operator can increase or decrease the time scale of a cuelist or the whole desk, allowing for instant reaction in changes to a show. Even the most complex one-off events can be controlled so that the M2GO is always on time and on beat. All programmer changes can be done with timing control, enabling programming and on-the-fly adjustments that are smooth and elegant.

Presets are one of the most important features of any modern lighting console as they provide the building blocks for an accurate show and fast and efficient programming. The M2GO offers many different preset groups with the option to customize all parameter assignments to suit the preference of the operator.

Fixture parts
Today’s fixtures are more and more complex and can be difficult to use on most consoles. With the M2GO, fixtures with several sections, such as LED strips, can be controlled per section or as an individual fixture. We call this feature “dot fixture.” For example, controlling a MAC 401 Dual means controlling five fixtures - the base and the four independent LED panels. For the M2GO, this is one fixture with four sub-fixtures. Handling effects and timings for several such fixtures is therefore very simple on the M2GO, and access to all fixtures is quick via the fixture window and the grouping functions.

The concept behind the M2GO is based around a very simple cuelist philosophy that is well established and familiar to many console operators. Each of the thousands of possible cuelists can contain 10,000 cues. Each cue has its own label, trigger mode, fade time and delay. In addition to the normal Cuelist mode, each cuelist can be set as Chase, Override, Timecode, Submaster or Inhibitive and such modes can be changed back and forth easily. Each cuelist is a set of standard options such as Mark-cues, Tap-synch, Priorities, etc…

Cuelist can be triggered via SMPTE and MIDI timecode. A ‘learn’ mode makes it easy to set trigger points while listening to a soundtrack. An optional SMPTE module (P/N 90703040) can be installed inside the M2GO.

An optional MIDI module can be added inside the M2GO (P/N 91613038). The module comes with three MIDI connections In/Out/Thru. With this option installed the M2GO can receive MIDI Notes, MIDI Timecode and MIDI Show Control.

User layouts and views
Up to 16 views are available and can be completely customized. The M2GO contains optimized factory default views so there is no delay when starting to use the console. Views can then be adjusted as the operator learns the desk and creates his own personal work environment. Views can be exported and imported quickly with a USB memory stick.

Command line
Although the M2GO is highly graphical, it also uses a command line for direct user input. A command line allows experienced users to work extremely fast and save many hours in a programming session. Powerful commands are available for quick access to many functions of the desk. The M2GO command line follows a natural speech syntax that is easy to learn. M2GO does not think like a computer but like a human being. Once the concept is understood, the commands will come naturally to the user as they follow the same concepts and with logical combinations.

The M2GO offers a powerful DMX Input system. External DMX values can be merged into the outputs of the desk which can be used for external control of cuelists and can be captured for programming as cues. Any of the physical DMX ports of the M2GO can be re-configured as a DMX input.

The Undo button allows the user to step back to previous commands. Undo can restore the previous fixture selection, previous parameter values and reverse patch changes.

User settings
All settings of the M2GO can be saved to a file and stored away for later usage. This is particularly useful for users who tailor their M2GO console to their needs. Simply save it to a USB memory drive and load it to another console later on.

Artnet management
M2GO is compliant with Artnet 2 and supports RDM over Artnet devices. Connected Artnet nodes can be remotely configured. M2GO has unicast and broadcast settings to optimize the system to the required network bandwidth.

The M2GO is fully RDM compatible. All information can be seen in the M2GO fixture patch as well as in M2GO views. Also included in M2GO is a remotely accessible RDM webpage. A scheduling feature generates reports at specific times of the week for better management.

Offline programming
Part of the Martin M2GO family is the M-PC software. This free downloadable Windows-based software can be used as a real console as well as an offline editor. All show files created in M-PC or other M-Series products are fully compatible with the Martin M2GO and M1 and vice versa. M-PC is fully compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 32/64 bit.

Show file compatibility
All previously made show files in any M-Series consoles or M-PC are fully compatible with the M2GO.
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