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Midas M32C

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Midas m32-C   ( Midas m32 C )

The 40-input, 25-bus Midas M32C takes the brain of the flagship M32 Digital Mixing Console and packs it all into a high-performance aluminum and steel 1U form factor. Combine the Midas M32C with our DL16 or DL32 Stage Boxes to effortlessly run sound with high I/O counts in multiple remote locations. Dual AES50 networking CAT5 connectors allow for up to 96 remote inputs and 48 output channels to be controlled from and processed by the Midas M32C 40-channel digital rackmount mixer. All of this can be managed concurrently from various locations and instances via our free remote control software applications, M32-EDIT, M32-MIX, and M32-Q.

Above all, the Midas M32C rackmount mixer is designed to put the power of digital in your hands, without compromise. MIDAS’ singular focus on a matchless value proposition means the Midas M32C integrates advanced features such as integrated personal monitor mixing and true high-speed digital audio networking as standard features.

The Midas M32C Digital Rackmount Mixer is built for today, and tomorrow – its future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz 24 bit ADC and DAC converters provide outstanding state-of-the-art audio performance.

Legendary 40-year old British company TURBOSOUND, famous for producing some of the world’s best speaker systems, have teamed up with MIDAS to seamlessly integrate mixer and speaker systems. We call it “Acoustic Integration”. The Midas M32C’s ULTRANET bus allows streaming up to 16 channels of pristine digital audio to an array of TURBOSOUND iQ speakers – all on a single CAT5 cable, along with control data to set sound presets remotely.

Furthermore, iQ Series loudspeakers feature “True Physical Modelling” of some of the most popular speakers, which can be easily remote controlled via the Midas M32C Rackmount Digital Mixer, allowing the sound engineer to apply different speaker models in real time from the comfort of the mixing desk.

AES50 simultaneously provides high channel counts, extremely low and deterministic latencies, accurate phase-aligned networked clock distribution, error detection, network redundancy, with simple deployment and ease of use to meet the needs of the live performance industry. This unique combination also benefits both live and studio recording applications, as well as post-production, broadcasting and audio routing infrastructure. SuperMAC is a proprietary implementation of AES50 owned by KLARK TEKNIK. Originally developed by Sony Pro-Audio Labs in Oxford, UK, it forms the basis of the Audio Engineering Society’s AES50 open standard for digital audio networking – High Resolution Multi-channel Audio Interconnection (HRMAI), as published by the Audio Engineering Society, Inc.

48 bidirectional audio channels @ 48 kHz over Neutrik etherCON-terminated shielded (STP)
CAT5 cable (max. length 100 meters / 328 feet)
Single cable duplex interconnection for audio and sample clocks
Ethernet physical layer audio data transmission
High channel count and ultra-low deterministic latency (2x3 samples = 1/8 ms per node)
Accurate phase-aligned clock distribution
Comprehensive error detection and management
Provision for redundant networking
Minimal configuration - total ease of deployment and use
Ethernet TCP/IP protocol-compatible auxiliary data channel
The Midas M32C Digital Rackmount Mixer includes an extensive array of onboard effects, rendering outboard processing racks a thing of the past. The Virtual FX rack features 8 true stereo, studio-grade effects engines each assignable to any input, group or output mix bus. Choose from high-end FX modules including a range of reverbs, delays, EQs, dynamics and much more.

Each FX algorithm has been completely re-imagined for stunning performance – typically costing several times the price of the Midas M32C 40-Channel Digital Rackmount Mixer.c

Custom-designed, and physically modeled after some of the most iconic and sought-after processors, all effects run inside the low-latency environment of the Midas M32C mix engine, ensuring flawless performance, flexible routing and the end of cable faults forever!

Easy as a handshake. Plug the P16-M personal monitor mixer into the Midas M32's ULTRANET port with a shielded (STP) CAT5 cable, and let the performer dial in their ideal 16-channel personal monitor mix. You can daisy-chain additional P16-M units, or use the P16-D ULTRANET distributor to set up a plug and play monitor system that accommodates up to 48 individual P16-M units.

The MIDAS DL16 digital stage box closes the gap between stage and FOH (Front of House) by placing 16 fully-programmable, remotely controllable high-end MIDAS mic preamps and 8 analogue, balanced XLR returns at the stage end. Connecting over a single shielded (STP) CAT5 cable, up to three DL16 or MIDAS DL150 stage boxes can be daisy-chained to deliver 48 channels in and 24 out to the stage. Dual AES50 ports on the Midas M32 digital rackmount mixer allow up to 96 input channels to be connected and routed in the same system.

AES50 network ports featuring KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC technology for ultra-low latency (in-ear compatible)
Up to 100 m networking capability via CAT5 cable(not included)
Dual AES50 ports, each for cascading up to three DL16 units – no merger or router required
Precise LED metering plus 7-segment displays for signal control on stage
Phones output assignable to any of the inputs/outputs for on-stage monitoring
Connectivity for P16-M Personal Monitoring System for in-ear applications (not included )
Dual ADAT outputs for use in splitter mode and stand-alone digital multi-core applications
MIDI in/out for bidirectional communication between FOH console and on-stage MIDI devices
The M32C forms the nucleus of an ultra-flexible studio control room setup when paired with DL16 I/O and POWERPLAY P16 Personal Monitoring Systems in each tracking room. The included 32 x 32 KLARK TEKNIK DN32-USB audio interface, 8 stereo effects engines, zero-latency monitoring (independent from DAW) and 100% total recall deliver the tools to handle any project you dare to tackle.

The Midas M32C’s expansion slot provides flexible and expandable connectivity for many different applications. A wide array of KLARK TEKNIK expansion cards can easily be used in place of the pre-installed DN32-USB card to release the power of the Midas M32C into existing MADI*, Dante* and ADAT networks. Fully compatible with these widely available audio protocols, the Midas M32C delivers a seamless integration in digital live sound, recording and broadcast environments.

Midas M32C 40-Channel Digital Rackmount Mixer Features:

40-input channel, 25-bus, 1U rackmountable digital mixing core for live and installed sound application
25 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
AES50 networking allows up to 96 inputs and 96 outputs
Open architecture allows for future 96 kHz operation
High-performance aluminium and high-impact steel structure
40 bit floating point digital signal processing
8 DCA and 6 mute groups
8 digital signal processing effects engines
32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface
Built-in expansion port for audio interface cards or digital networking bridges
MIDI In/Out for remote scene recall or controlling other MIDI equipment
Optional wireless remote control with MIDAS Apps for iPhone and iPad
Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply
3-Year Warranty Program
Designed and engineered in England
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