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Product Description

Peavey PVXp15 (PV PVXP-15)

PVXP Series Speakers:
Weather this is 10’, 12’ or15’ two way PVXp, the real difference is the horn – the Quadratic Waveguide Horn. Speakers have a driver and a horn. The horn not only guides the driver’s pattern, but adds distortion to the high frequency. It’s like putting your thumb over a running hose. The water goes farther, but the water gets distorted. This distortion gives your audience ear fatigue. This unique and patented Peavey horn design has the lowest horn distortion. Giving you the best High frequency in its class. It also has a pattern of 30 degrees downward, so folks right in front of you can hear everything and 10 degrees up so the HF does hit the ceiling which can cause your voice to sound mumbled.

The Driver in the PVXp is the RX14, which has a 1.4” diaphragm. The bigger the diaphragm the lower in frequency it goes to meet the woofer, giving the speaker system better midrange and vocal quality. Although most speakers in its class and even twice the price have a 1” exit horn, most other diaphragms are smaller than the RX14.

PVXP Plug in Modules
The PVXp12 and 15 have modules for them as well. There is a 3channel mixer so you can have up to 4 mic or line inputs as well as a 15 band EQ to EQ the speaker to the room.

Power Rating
The amplifier in the Peavey PVXp 15 is based of the incredible IPR2 series amplifiers and has 800 (REAL) watts of clean power. But the important spec to know is the PVXp series can play up to 127dB – your ears start to hurt at 116dB!  Don’t worry about the power rating, worry about how loud it can get without distortion. These Peavey 15 powered speakers can get real loud with clean power and the best high frequency on the market.

- Two-way 800 watt peak power enclosure
- Pole mountable cabinet
- RX™ 14 titanium compression driver
- Expansion module bay
- Multiple cabinet fly points
- LED signal present and DDT active indicator
- Rugged polypropylene molded enclosure
- Combination 1/4" and XLR input
- Exclusive DDT™ compression and speaker protection
- XLR and 1/4" through outputs
- 12" or 15" high-performance Peavey woofer with 2.3" voice coil
- Molded in cabinet handles
- Angled side for use as monitor when required
- Weight Unpacked: 52.00 lb(23.587 kg)
- Weight Packed: 58.00 lb(26.308 kg)
- Width Packed: 21.625"(54.9275 cm)
- Height Packed: 31.625"(80.3275 cm)
- Depth Packed: 20.375"(51.7525 cm)

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