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Wholesale DJ Groups

The Gold Membership is designed for high volume purchasers looking to buy highly discounted DJ gear. Our (free) VIP Membership offers significantly better pricing than any other store in the industry. Gold Membership pricing is even better! It is perfect for networking DJ's, large DJ companies, installers, and groups of DJ friends. Sign up and make extra cash by reselling to the DJ's in your network. Or sign up as a group and share the savings.

Subscribers cannot be publicly advertised or promote products for resale online with this subscription. See subscription package below for authorization to resell online. (Some exclusions apply.)

100% Money Back Guarantee: Full refund available within 30 days if no purchases are made.
Price: $49.99/month (4 month min.)

eCommerce Professionals

Know your gear? Interested in a part-time or full-time job selling stage lighting & DJ equipment? We're looking for qualified outside sales reps in a very unique way. Once approved and signed up, we will build you a completely custom website with a domain name and website style of your choosing. We'll handle 100% of the design, coding, labor, maintenance, hosting, product updates, and everything else that goes along with an eCommerce site. Of course, we'll also handle order fulfillment and offer dealer level pricing. You will only be responsible for advertising, sales, and customer relations. KPODJ will register the URL with all manufacturers and all approved products lines will be kept updated daily.

Included Features & Products:

  • Toll Free Phone Number with Unlimited Minutes ($85/mo Value)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting & Domain Registration ($200/mo Value)
  • Web Developer Staff for Maintenance & Management ($250/mo Value)
  • Credit Card Processing Merchant Account ($39/mo Value)
  • PayPal Payments Pro Merchant Account ($30/mo Value)
  • That's $604.00/mo value in just web products.

Included Labor & Services:

  • Daily Uploads of New Products & Pricing Updates
  • One-on-One Professional Training
  • Inventory Purchasing, Warehousing, & Order Fulfillment
  • Dealer Level Pricing on All Merchandise
  • Free Shipping Included with All Orders

Your Cost:

As an outside sales rep, you will be provided with the tools to accept orders online, by phone, or my email. You will be provided with dealer level "platinum pricing" for all merchandise. Due to our high volume discounts with our suppliers, platinum pricing is often below the standard dealer cost. All payments will come directly to KPODJ and you will be paid monthly on your total sales less a 3.9% transaction fee and posted platinum prices for the orders shipped. The 3.9% transaction fee will cover the credit card and/or PayPal fees (which is normally 2.9-3.5%) and an included fraud protection so you will not be liable for fraudulent transactions that pass our metrics.

Price: $2,900 Start-Up Fee, plus $169.99/month.