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X-Laser Beyond Essentials (upgrade from Quickshow)

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Product Description
Quickshow upgrade to Beyond Essentials.

BEYOND is an all new professional level software platform, used for creating the world's highest quality laser and multimedia shows. The software's advanced programming and live show capabilities have revolutionized laser displays for entertainment applications.

As the laser and entertainment industries are constantly evolving, you as a professional laserist need a control platform that sets you up for success. BEYOND answers that need! The BEYOND software features a variety of new technologies that are not available in any other laser control software. These include a true multimedia timeline for control of laser and video, as well as a 3D animation and drawing program. BEYOND also offers support for today’s most popular lighting protocols including DMX, ArtNet and OSC so that you can easily control your laser show and effects from a lighting console. The program also features expanded versions of our popular QuickTools and QuickFX, so you have more effect options to work with when designing your shows. And BEYOND takes “live” laser control to a whole new level, with professional MIDI and DMX mapping options, that allow you to create custom profiles for your favorite consoles.


Cue Grid: The BEYOND cue grid comes with over 2,000 preprogrammed beam effects, graphics, abstracts, logos and animations. The cue grid also features more advanced screen options for multi-monitor setups.
BEYOND Multimedia Timeline: The BEYOND Multimedia Timeline allows you to program complete laser shows, but you can also control and edit video content from the timeline as well. This makes it easy to create multimedia shows, that combine video, laser and audio. BEYOND’s timeline also provides many more effect and editing options, when compared to our QuickShow program.
BEYOND Universe: The BEYOND Universe is an exciting tool, that allows you to create custom workspaces within the software that can be customized the way you want them. For example, if wanted to have a workspace with specific sliders for colors, brightness, rotation, DMX triggers, etc. and you wanted to lock this workspace for a client or show, this is all possible using the BEYOND Universe.
PangoScript: PangoScript is a tool inside of BEYOND that allows you to access the core of the software, and customize it for your needs. Using PangoScript, you can write individual code commands, to execute just about any function you can think of. For example, if you want to map out a MIDI, DMX or Lighting console and customize what each knob, button, and slider does, you can write a “PangoScript” for those functions.

BEYOND 3D: BEYOND features an advanced 3D animation and editing program, that can be used to create stunning text, graphics, logos and animations.
Advanced Drawing and Editing Programs: BEYOND includes a variety of advanced editors and drawing programs, that make creating custom content, as well as editing existing content, easier than ever before. All while still offering a great degree of creative freedom and functionality.
Visualization Programs: With BEYOND, you can easily visualize your entire laser show, using popular visualization programs such as Realizzer, Capture Polar, Light Converse and Wsyiwyg.
Abstract Editors: BEYOND comes with two different abstract editors, that can be used to create amazing abstract laser displays.
AutoPlay : AutoPlay is a tool inside of BEYOND, that allows you to automatically play shows back, at a given time.
Kinect: Interactive laser displays are becoming increasingly popular, and with BEYOND, you can control your show interactive using the popular X-Box kinect.
BEYOND is the world’s most powerful laser control platform. Here’s a quick rundown of the new and improved features BEYOND has to offer.

Easy-to-use: BEYOND is built on the user interface of QuickShow, which was designed to get beginners going fast. If you already know QuickShow, Beyond will be very familiar to you. Yet under the hood there are more settings and much greater control.
Modern interface: Beyond has a sleek new look we call “classy and glassy”. It’s more modern than the Windows 2000 style used in Lasershow Designer 2000.
Layer-based drawing: If you use Photoshop, you know how helpful layers are. Now you can work on different lasers in a single laser frame. This makes it much easier to work on some areas of an image, without affecting other areas.
Object-oriented drawing: When creating a frame, Beyond keeps track of what you draw as single objects. For example, a line is not just a sequence of points. BEYOND remembers it as a line object. If you want to stretch or shrink the line, just grab an endpoint and move. BEYOND will automatically reposition and renumber the points for you.
Spline (curve) tool: You can now create curves just as easily as lines. Click to set the start and endpoints, then pull the spline handle to stretch and shape a curve.
Visual Scripting: BEYOND has QuickTools, just like in the QuickShow program. Plus, the QuickTools can now be scripted using a simple visual interface, to create even more complex laser effects.
Unified architecture: BEYOND is a single program with all major features built-in, such as drawing, editing, timeline, playing live, abstract generation, and even 3D objects. (This is opposed to LD2000, which is a suite of different, individual programs from Pangolin and third parties.)
Works on all Pangolin hardware: BEYOND runs on all Pangolin hardware.

Work on multiple shows simultaneously: You can now have more than one show open at a single time. This is perfect for live performances, when you want the ability to quickly switch between different shows.
Controls multiple projectors: A single Beyond program can control multiple laser projectors, and the number of projectors is virtually unlimited.
Virtually unlimited projection zones: You can set over 1000 different zones for each projector. This makes it much easier to put graphics and beams onto many different targets such as multiple screens.
Up to 100 beam positions: If you need to hit mirrors or other targets with beams, Beyond gives you far more beam positions than the limited number in QuickShow.
Beam positions can be images: Now, when you hit mirrors or other targets, you aren’t limited to using a dot. The beam can also project any Beyond frame. For example, you could hit mirrors with a logo instead of a dot.
Complete 3D modeling program built-in: BEYOND Ultimate includes a 3D modeling and animation module. It’s like Autodesk, 3DS MAX or Maxon Cinema 4D, but it is designed and optimized for laser. This means you don’t have to buy any other 3D modeling program. (If you already have other programs, we continue to sell our conversion plugins, so you can output laser graphics from 3ds MAX or Cinema 4D scenes.)
Best of all, you get FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE: BEYOND will continuously be updated. As we add new features, you will get them absolutely free! There is never a charge for software updates to new and improved versions of BEYOND. So you can be assured that in five or ten years you will still have the most state-of-the-art, up-to-date lasershow software.

PC notebook or desktop with dual-core processor such as Intel Centrino Duo, Core 2 Duo, or AMD equivalent, 2Gb RAM memory
Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Monitor: Minimum resolution of 1024 x 768
At least one available USB port

A lasershow projector with ILDA-standard input connector
Any speed scanners, from 10K to 60K+
Any color, from single-color to full-color RGB
Compatible with Analog or TTL color systems

Pangolin QSupgrade   ( X-Laser upgrade to Beyond Essentials )

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