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Ape Labs Neon | Solo - IP65
Ape Labs Can 2.0 | Solo - IP65, Grey
Ape Labs Maxi v1 | Solo
Ape Labs Can 2.0 | Solo - IP65, Creme
Ape Labs Coin 2.0 | Solo, USB
Eliminator Mega Wash 24 | 240W Hex, 6 Zones
Blizzard Lighting StormChaser SuperCell
Chauvet DJ Freedom Stick X4 | Battery-Powered LED ...
Ape Labs Mini 2.0 | Solo - IP65, Grey
Prost Lighting MoonBox GO | 72W Hex LED Uplight
Ape Labs Maxi 2.0 | Solo - IP65, Creme
Prost Lighting BlitzPar | 105W Hex Wash Light
Yamaha DBR15 | 15in - 132dB
RCF ART 915A | 15in - 131dB
LD Systems Maui 44 G2 White | 15in Woofer - 132dB
Alto TS410 | 10in - 130 dB
Electro-Voice Everse 8 | 8in - 121dB
RCF ART 945A | 15in - 135dB
Peavey 1208-8 SPS BWX | 12in, 500W RMS (00560760)
Electro-Voice EVOLVE50-TW | Evolve 50 White, Speak...
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RCF HDL10A | Dual 8in Woofers - 133dB
LD Systems Maui 5 Go 100 W | 8in Woofer - 120dB

DJ Lighting, Equipment & Gear

At KPODJ, we believe discounts should be consistent and sales should be low pressure. All DJ equipment for sale comes with our low price guarantee, but more importantly, we value your time. No need to clip coupons or haggle with sales reps. Shop for your DJ gear and lighting equipment any day of the year and always feel comfortable knowing you're getting a fair deal with our free VIP program.

Stage Lighting

Discounts aren't the only thing we focus on. We're always looking for ways to help our customers build their businesses. Stage lighting is a major category that KPODJ focuses on since today, DJ setups with just a PA system, DJ controller and set of DJ headphones isn't always enough for a party. A quality light show with various wash lights, moving heads, and DJ effect lights can elevate a DJ's brand to the next level.

Also, stage lighting can be very profitable for those who create unique light shows. Whether you're looking to add effects to the dance floor of a party, create a modern DJ event for clubs, or build an elegant package for weddings with uplights, pinspots, and a classy DJ booth, our staff is always here to offer expert advice on all the gear.

Stage Lighting

At our shop, we do our best to stock everything on site that a disc jockey, band, production company, integrator, or lighting designer would need for any setup. Top brands like RCF, Ape Labs, RCF, MA Lighting, Elation, Global Truss, Pangolin, Denon DJ, Rane DJ, American DJ, Chauvet DJ, Yamaha, Electro Voice, FBT, JTS, JMAZ, Antari, Pioneer DJ, Ultimate Support, Gravity Stands, Scrim King, Prost Lighting, XVive, Native Instruments, and hundreds more are regularly in stock. Categories such as DJ controllers, DJ software, DJ mixers, studio monitors, media players, CD players, DJ turntables, USB drive CDJs, laser lights, battery uplights, DJ effect lights, outdoor architectural lights, gobo projectors, CD player digital devices, DJ jog wheels, DJ accessories, and more will help get you the best DJ gear. And our staff can always recommend proper DJ equipment for your needs. As far as DJing goes, we sell everything to build a DJ's arsenal except music and vinyl records.

When we're not helping DJs find the right DJ gear, we're testing DJ equipment and making review videos. We're always looking for the best DJ speakers, coolest DJ mixer, latest DJ software, and hottest DJ controller to help create the best sound a DJ can play at a party.

DJ Equipment & Gear

Learn how to control DJ software with vinyl records and a DJ mixer with MWM! Or use a modern DJ controller from Pioneer DJ to scratch music and mix tracks without any other DJ equipment. You can even synchronize your homemade remixes from the studio with your DJ lighting rig by using SoundSwitch.

Forget about CDs, DJ equipment today for live remixes consists of the right DJ controller or DJ mixer, and the right DJ software. Whether you prefer working off a laptop or a USB drive, digital scratching is the way most DJs will play mixes at a party. DJing with actual turntables is only common with timecode records or CDs.

Stage Lighting

But the best DJ controller won't help if your speakers don't make your music sound right at the party. With hundreds of styles and brands to choose from, getting the right sound can be difficult. We're here to make sure your speaker setup is the best quality for your price point and your needs.

The speakers in your setup can be more important than your DJ equipment or headphones, when it comes to booking weddings. Although it's fun to mix tracks and create music with studio software, it's important to remember to play to the audience. The bride doesn't care what gear you're DJing with, she wants the music to sound great, the setup to look awesome, and the guests to have fun. The right DJ gear will certainly help with mixes and scratching, but that's only the beginning. Understanding how to setup your speakers and subwoofers is just as important as picking the right equipment. And building your DJ light show will enhance your setup and the music on the dance floor.

Video Walls, Truss & DJ Booths

Stage Lighting

Light shows with hazers and cold spark machines are not the only visual components to an impressive production. Next level entertainers start by putting their DJ equipment behind a cool DJ facade or booth, add in glow furniture or trussing to their setup, and work towards building large video walls and line array speaker systems. Whether you're a bedroom DJ or a concert grade production company, we have plenty of equipment to help you upgrade your setup.

DJ Controllers & Accessories

Native Instruments used to be a software favorite among DJs. But with the live DJ software advancements from companies like Pioneer DJ, mixes have become easier and easier to create live thru controllers and headphones, without the need to load your tracks and songs into the virtual mixer before DJing.

Stage Lighting

With the right DJ gear and controllers, you can mix your music live with just headphones. Of course, preparing your music ahead of time can still be helpful. It's just not a requirement. Controllers and DJ mixers today have other features for DJing that didn't exist in the past. To name a few: music catalog searches, hot cues, sampler pads, virtual turntables, and virtual mixers are all common features on controllers that improve efficiency while DJing.

Efficiency regarding light shows and DMX gear has also improved dramatically in recent years. Companies like Ape Labs have disrupted the DMX software industry by simplifying lights to a "no training necessary" level...without sacrificing performance or ability. Their DMX app is so easy and intuitive that a first timer can build DMX-like shows in minutes, without even looking at the manual. And if that's not simple enough, they have a one-button light show called "MusikMode" that actually creates a light show on its own, that goes to the music that you play in the room. It's not the "Sound Active" you're used to.

Wholesale DJ Store with Discount Prices

DJ Lighting and Pro Audio Store Specialists

Our store's staff is made up of mobile DJs, lighting designers, band members, and music enthusiasts. Not traditional salesmen! We're here to help you find the right gear for your needs. Whether you're a wedding DJ, band member, rental hall, church, school, installation company, concert venue, or anything in between....someone here has experience setting up DJ gear in a similar space.

Just starting out? No problem. We're happy to put together a complete DJ package, pro audio system, or lighting kit from top to bottom. The pre-made systems on the website can be upgraded or downgraded by any rep, or we can build you a package from scratch.

Prefer to browse on your own time? Check out our staff picks on our product comparison charts for some supply tips.

Stage Lighting

We love playing with DJ lights and sound gear, and we love sharing our experiences. Our YouTube channel has some product reviews, but there's nothing like speaking directly to a person with first hand experience! Our reps don't work on commission, they're here to help you find what's best for your needs. So if you have any questions, give us a call at 877-775-7635!

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DJ Lighting Packages

An easy way to find a good price on gear is to check out our DJ lighting packages. Our reps are always here to help put together a system for you. But if you don't need anything customized, our packages are an easy way to get you a discount price and into DJ lighting without having to worry about all the necessary accessories.

We understand that music is the heartbeat of any party. From turntables to mixers to uplights, we have everything you need to create the perfect sound and atmosphere for your event, all at the guaranteed best price.

So why wait? Browse our selection of DJ gear and equipment today! We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service from real DJs, band members, and event professionals. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or just starting out, we've got everything you need to create amazing music and keep the party going all night long.

DJ Equipment Rentals

Rent DJ equipment in NJ or nation-wide! While larger DJ booths, stage light trussing, and heavy DJ supplies are easier to rent locally from our NJ stores, many DJ equipment packages are shippable nation-wide for free.

Our DJ rental equipment inventory is always changing and growing, so if you need something you don't see, just ask. We have DJ speakers, powered subwoofers, DJ equipment, wireless microphones, lighting truss, lasers, battery uplights, LED DJ lights, moving heads, complete light shows, bubble machines, foggers, scrims, and much more on our DJ rentals page.

DJ Stands, Scrims & Stages

Popular brands like Pioneer DJ need support from DJ accessories brands like Gravity Stands, ProX, and Scrim King. DJs need more than just turntables and music. DJs need quality speakers stands, cases, DJ booths, and DJ facades at a great price.

Stage Lighting

Cable management is also important for any DJ system. A clean look while rocking the hottest songs will keep your guests dancing to music all night long.