Low Price Guarantee

We'll BEAT Any Price, Plus Give You...
-Authorized Dealer Service and Guarantees
-$10,000 ID Theft Protection
-Full Factory Warranty (and the option to extend)
-All Available Factory Rebates
-30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
-Tech Support by Real DJ's and Sound Engineers
- The Warm Feeling of Supporting a Family Owned DJ Store!

Manufacturers often limit the price dealers are allowed to advertise products. If you see a lower price, it is probably from an un-authorized dealer. Buying from one may void your warranty. So get the best of both worlds. Buy at the best price, guarantee a valid warranty, and get all available factory rebates as we are an AUTHORIZED DEALER.

Simply call or email us with the product(s) & price you would like us to beat.


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Office Hours & Support

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  • Sunday: Closed
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  • Text: 973-602-7635 (service, text only)
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