About Us

History - How it all started.

KPODJ was started in 2002 as a DJ service company for private events. Since we networked well with other DJ companies, we saw an opportunity to make extra money by ordering DJ gear wholesale and supplying the DJ's we worked with.

Since we offered heavily discounted prices, word spread fast and the phone started ringing for DJ sales more than services. Eventually we decided to "go big or go home." We bought a warehouse, opened almost all of the popular DJ lines direct with manufacturers, hired extra employees, built a website, and finally opened a storefront location. Today our DJ service & DJ rental company is still running strong, but it accounts for less than 1% of our gross revenue.

Where did "KPODJ" come from?

Well, the owner's last name is "Capo". In Italian, that can mean: boss, top, head or master. In Italy, an expert of a specific field may be called "Capo de [blank]". (The term "[blank]" would of course be replaced by the field of which the person is an expert.) "Capo" is actually a part of many Italian words and names. The last name "Capo" is much less common than an Italian last name with "Capo" as a prefix.

Anyway, since we aren't in Italy, we decided to Americanize it. The Italian pronunciation "Cap Oh" is often pronounced "Kape Oh" in America. For the company name we phonetically spelled it the shortest way possible: "K po". And since we were going American, we didn't do anything with "DJ."

The problem was that without the background knowledge, customers had a hard time understanding/pronouncing the name. So we changed it to all letters: "K P O DJ." We did work backwards and made up with a few ways to turn K.P.O. into an acronym, but we decided to scrap that idea. How many people know what the letters in QSC, JBL, RCF or RCA stand for? The meaning of the name is much less important than what the company represents.

We carry nearly every popular DJ, audio, and stage lighting line.

We do our best to carry every line that our customers would want. If we don't carry the line, it's not uncommon for KPODJ to take the recommendation of a customer "run with it". One of the best examples was with Blizzard Lighting. Back when Blizzard first opened, a customer told us that they were a great line to check out. We called them the same day. We quickly became their largest dealer in the USA and helped grow their company into the nationally recognized brand it is today.

Why buy DJ equipment from KPODJ?

We started this business because we wanted to help our fellow music-lovers find their signature sound, and for that, they need the right equipment. We do things differently here. You won't get a "used car" salesman who you have to negotiate with for days. Call KPODJ to get the best price and the best advice, with no hassle. And if you don't have an excellent experience, please call back and ask to speak with the owner. We value your opinion and you will see an immediate change if something is wrong.

Also, at KPODJ, we know all of the unexpected challenges that can crop up during a live event. That's because all of our reps are DJ's and music professionals. So don't just order product, ask questions. We're here to help.