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Chauvet Pro Ovation E-260WW26 DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.


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Product Description

Chauvet Ovation E-260ww  (Chauvet Pro OvationE260WW26)

Ovation E-260WW
HD lens Tube 26 degree
Gel Frame
Powercon power cord

Powered by a single source 260W LED, the Ovation E-260WW is the next step in the evolution of the Ovation series. With an output that exceeds a tungsten 750W light source, this fixture also boasts extremely smooth dimming down to the very bottom of the curve as well as a flat and even field of light for superior gobo projection, fully featured control options like Selectable PWM, RDM, and onboard dimming curve selections round out this virtually silent ellipsoidal.


Warm white ERS style fixture with output exceeding a tungsten 750w source
Ultra smooth 16-bit dimming, and 8-bit dimming curves to complement any lighting scheme
Flat, even field of light for superior gobo projection
RDM (Remote Device Management) for added flexibility
Adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera
Virtually silent operation for use in studio and theatre applications
Works perfectly with industry standard lens tubes and accessories



Light Source: 1 LED (WW) 202 W, (3.6 A), 3149 K, 50,000 hours life expectancy.
Color Temperature (at full): 3149 K
CRI: 91
Beam Angle (w/19° lens): 12°
Beam Angle (w/26° lens): 16°
Beam Angle (w/36° lens): 20°
Beam Angle (w/50° lens): 26°
Beam Angle (w/15°–30° lens)(Narrow): 9°
Beam Angle (w/15°–30° lens)(Wide): 13°
Beam Angle (w/25°–50° lens)(Narrow): 20°
Beam Angle (w/25°–50° lens)(Wide): 24°
Field Angle (w/19° lens): 18°
Field Angle (w/26° lens): 25°
Field Angle (w/36° lens): 33°
Field Angle (w/50° lens): 49°
Field Angle (w/15°–30° lens)(Narrow): 22°
Field Angle (w/15°–30° lens)(Wide): 29°
Field Angle (w/25°–50° lens)(Narrow): 29°
Field Angle (w/25°–50° lens)(Wide): 40°
Dimming Modes: 4
Illuminance (w/19° lens): 9,256 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/26° lens): 6,910 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/36° lens): 4,053 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/50° lens): 1,703 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/15°–30° lens)(Narrow): 12,430 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/15°–30° lens)(Wide): 5,339 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/25°–50° lens)(Narrow): 4,997 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (w/25°–50° lens)(Wide): 3,295 lux @ 5 m
Selectable PWM: 600 Hz, 1200 Hz, 2000 Hz, 4000 Hz, 25,000 Hz


Dimmer: Electronic
Shutter/Strobe: Electronic
Zoom: Manual
Strobe Rate: 0 to 27 Hz
Dim Modes: 4
Built-in Automated Programs: Yes


Dimensions (fixture only): 19.49 x 11.22 x 19.17 in
Dimensions (w/26° lens extended): 25.91 x 11.22 x 19.17 in
Dimensions (w/15°–30° lens): 32.87 x 14.61 x 14.61 in
Dimensions (w/25°–50° lens): 27.17 x 14.61 x 14.61 in
Weight (fixture only): 15.4 lb (7 kg)
Weight (w/26° lens): 19.4 lb (8.80 kg)
Weight (w/15°–30° lens): 29.4 lb
Weight (w/25°–50° lens): 27 lb
Exterior Color: Black
Gobo Size (Optional): “A”: 94 mm (outside), 79 mm (image), 2.5 mm (max. thickness)
Gobo Size (Optional): “B”: 94 mm (outside), 69 mm (image), 2.5 mm (max. thickness)
Accessory Holder/Gel Frame Size (19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° lens): 6.25 in
Accessory Holder/Gel Frame Size (15°–30° lens): 7.5 in
Accessory Holder/Gel Frame Size (25°–50° lens): 7.5 in


Power Connection: Edison (Local) plug to Neutrik powerCON
Power Input: Neutrik powerCON
Power Output: Neutrik powerCON
Data Connectors: 3- and 5-pin XLR
Cable Length (power): 5 ft (1.5 m)


Control Protocol: DMX
DMX Channels: 1, 2, 3 or 6
Modes/Personalities: 4 personalities (1, 2, 3, 6)


Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
Power Linking: 8 units @ 120 V; 13 units @ 208 V; 14 units @ 230 V
Power and Current: 209 W, 1.655 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 206 W, 1.026 A @ 208 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 204 W, 0.925 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
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