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Eternal Lighting Cube Echo MK3 RGBWA+UV (white) DISCONTINUED

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.
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Reviews: Description Q&A: 0 $0 Shipping, $0 Tax *0% Interest
Product Description


Description: Wireless Solutions W-DMX is available.

*As of 03/17/2014 the CUBEecho now has RGBWA+UV 18Watt LEDs

If you are looking for the perfect up lighting tool, then you are in the right place.
The CUBEecho™ is the latest and greatest product released from Eternal Lighting
for the CUBE™ Series as a small and compact rechargeable battery powered LED
Par. Some of its features are the first ever to be packed into small fixture like this.
We included 4 x 6in1 18 watt RGBWA+UV LEDs, Built in 2.4gHz Wireless DMX which
will act as the purpose of a Wireless DMX receiver or transmitter. We also have
included a very easy to read Back-Lit LCD Display that has 2 lines of text with 16
characters which allows for full lines of text to read words. No more trying to decipher
what the 4 Digit Display means. They make for a very easy and user friendly
read out Display. We also outfitted this fixture with IR remote controllable functionality,
to make it the more simple to control LED par intended for up lighting. You will quickly
realize this is the easiest to LED Par you have ever encountered. By simply pressing the
Master button on the IR Remote you command the CUBEecho to act as the wireless
controller for the rest of the CUBEechos in the room. This means you can change the
color of the room with the touch of one button. This feature also is compatible from the
CUBEecho to our ElitePar5 and the CUBE5 as well. All of this is a rugged 4.9lb fixture.
The EliteProgramming™ works with each variation of the ElitePar™ Series or the
CUBE™ Series. So of course we have included this into the CUBEecho™.
Take special attention to the video and you will see all the great features. The moment
you start to browse through the menu on the CUBEecho™ fixture you will
realize that Eternal Lighting is leading and the others are just trying to keep up.
Remember, Eternal Lighting makes all the difference.

Features & Technical Specifications:

(4) 18 Watt All in One RGBWA+UV LEDs
3CH, 4CH, 5CH, 8CH, 11CH 13CH DMX Modes
Flicker Free Refresh Rate >400 Hz (HDTV Video, Guaranteed No Flicker)
Ideal for ideal for HDTV recordings with Flicker Free operation
DMX input and output
Power linking input and output
Sound Active with 2 Sound Active Modes (1 Without Strobe/1 With Strobe)
Auto Mode with 8 Speed Settings
Smooth Color Mixing
The CUBEecho has absolute ZERO noise - No Fans to make any Noise.
Fade mode with 8 Speed Settings
Manual Color Mix Mode on Push Button Display
Built In Color Macros, Auto & Manual control
16 Digit, 2 Line, Full Text read out Back-Lit LCD Push Button Display
Ability to create & store into memory 5 Custom/manual Colors.
Power In & Power Out (As of 03/29/2013)
Up to 20 Hours of Battery Life on one charge
Flush Mounted Wireless DMX Antenna recessed to keep the antenna safe
2.4gHz Wireless DMX Receiver that is also a Transmitter (300ft Line of Sight)
simultaneous master signal transmitting from Master to all other lights in range
IR Remote control. Also the Signal Received from the IR Remote can Transmit to the other lights by Wireless DMX.
(Compatible with CUBE5, ElitePar5 & CUBEecho)
Dual Mount Bracket included for hanging or sitting on the floor
Rubber feet for non intrusive lay flat design.
Beam Angle - 45 Degree (Wide Wash)
PHOTOMETRICS: 11,785 LUX @ 1meter (Full Power)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.75" x 6.75" x 4.25"
Weight 4.9lbs

Charging Roadcase 10 Pack for the CUBEecho: List Price: $399.00 <CLICK HERE>
Accessory Pack for CUBEecho 10 Pack Charging Roadcase: List Price $79.00
Charging Roadcase 5 Pack for the CUBEecho: List Price: $255.00
Accessory Pack for CUBEecho 5 Pack Charging Roadcase: List Price $25.00
CUBEecho Cover - Available in Black or White Acrylic $39.00
CUBEecho UV with 18pcs 3 Watt UV LEDs: List Price: $379.00 <CLICK HERE>
CUBEecho (White Housing) available List Price: $349.00
IR Remote Sold Seperatly: List Price $30.00 <CLICKHERE>

WDMX - Wireless Solutions:
WDMX is available as an option for all the CUBE Series. Please call an Authorized dealer for pricing and lead time.

Eternal CubeEcho MKII RGBAW+UV   ( Eternal Lighting Cube Echo RGBAW+UV MK2 )

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