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Luxium ZOBO Z2


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Product Description

Luxium Z2 Zobo   ( Luxium Zobo Z2 )

ZOBO Z2 – With brightness of 1,800 lumens this light is good for adaptable color lighting at medium range. It has the unique ability to create calibrated warm to cool white light for amazing spot lighting of people and things.  The ZOBO-Z2 has a narrow beam that can be adjusted with diffusion filters. It out performs a 150W color filtered floodlight but uses less than 24 Watts of power. Works with Luxium Bluetooth app.

Luxium ZOBO Z2 LED Bluetooth Performance Lighting Effect.

1800 Lumen Additive-color RGBCLW adjustable LED light with Bluetooth control. Uses just 24 watts of power.

Colorful and smart LED lighting is the future and we believe everyone wants: lighting that makes any color imaginable quick and easy setup operation from a phone or tablet fingertip control with an intuitive app low-cost, long-life and high-efficiency great results without needing a PhD

What is ZOBO ? ZOBO is a revolutionary color adjustable LED lamp that makes it easy, fun and affordable for anyone to light up a show like a professional. With adjustable colors and full range dimming, ZOBO creates an impressive spectrum to create nearly any mood, and a unique design means that ZOBO fits standard sockets. With built-in special effects and Bluetooth® control through a powerful and user friendly app, ZOBO is ready to rock! You'll love how easy it is to put on a professional-grade performance with the ZOBO family of lights!

Simplicity – Bluetooth or Wireless DMX available – no wires necessary! Huge color selection – industry leading color spectrum Powerful – huge lighting power where you need it Efficient – cutting edge lighting with less than 25 Watts Control – powerful and user-friendly iOS and Android apps Affordable – perfect for ANY budget!

ZOBO will transform any occasion into the experience of a lifetime! ZOBO is great for adding colorful highlights at any occasion The users of ZOBO include: music groups, DJ's, singers, dancers, videographers, presenters, event planners, party hosts, interior designers, concert producers, directors, theater technicians and more.

ZOBO gives a powerful lighting effect no matter the situation. Install ZOBO into track lights or fixtures or clamp lights in seconds. Zobo is great for parties and performances, anywhere you want to elevate the mood. You'll love how easy it is to direct the ZOBO to make colors or sequences as you need.

The Luxium TM ZOBO is a PAR30 size dim-mable LED lamp with 6-ch. additive color mixing and Bluetooth control.
It has a wide input power supply, so will operate on any voltage that you’re likely to find on an E26/E27 “medium screw base” lamp socket.
If installed in a fixture please leave at least ½ inch (12mm) of clear space surrounding. the ZR30 housing to facilitate air flow.

Voltage: 90VAC … 250VAC, 50/60Hz
Power: 24W (at maximum output)
Environmental: 5C … 45C, 10-90%RH non-condensing.
Control Input: Luxium Bluetooth app (for iOS10)
Beam Diffuser Lenses

The LuxiumTM DK1 Optical Diffuser Kit is a set of 5 different filters that are used to adjust the beam angle of the ZR30.
This is an excellent means for creating a smooth and uniform beam with the ZR30 lamp. These filters are easy to install on the front of the lamp and are held in place by the bezel ring.
Useful for situations that require a more diffuse beam that spreads out over a wider angle than narrow beam spot lights.

Bluetooth Operation
To control the ZOBO Bluetooth LED lamp it is neces-sary to first install the ‘Luxium’ mobile app for Apple iOS devices, available from the app store.
Here’s how to pair lamps with the Luxium app.
1. Turn on your ZOBO lamp and be sure to stay near the lamp to ensure good wireless transmission during the setup. Range for Bluetooth is 30 feet.
2. Go to the Groups page to pair with a lamp.
3. Touch the SCAN+SETUP button.
4. The Connect page will be displayed. The app will search for lamps in the area and show a device code for any ungrouped lamps in the area.
5. Touch on the displayed code num-ber of the lamp to assign it to a group.
6. The group name can be edited to your choice once it has been created.

Multiple lamps can be added to a group or new groups can be created for additional lamps. Bluetooth can control up to 8 lamps at once and many groups are possible. Lamps can also be removed from a group and assigned to other groups using the edit function.
After a lamp has been assigned to a group you can navigate to the control page by touching on the group name button.
Go back to the group page to control different lamp groups.
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