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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact us to find a replacement.
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Peavey IPR2 3000 DSP (Peavey IPR 2 3000DSP)

IPR2-3000 and IPR2-3000DSP
525 @ 8ohms per channel
950 @ 4ohms per channel
1750 @ 2ohms per channel

IPR 2 DSP Series Amplifiers:
These incredible amps are 7 years Product Development in the making. Not only are the IPR2 series the lightest per watt, but the best sounding amplifiers in their class and then some. The IPR2 has beaten amps 6-10 times their price range in head to head listening test time and time again. This new technology allows the amp to perform at maximum gain and still not get hot, let alone overload. Don’t get these amps because they are light, get them because they sound great, don’t get hot and work all day even down to 2 ohms – unlike the competition. Also know that the IPR2 power ratings are stated at .01% distortion where others give rating at 5X the distortion level, giving you an unrealistic rating! Do the math, the IPR2 series is unparalleled in sound, power, performance and reliability – period!

Why get the DSP Version – first Peavey makes the most sophisticated DSP in the world under the name Media Matrix. Media Matrix DSP runs more stadiums throughout the world than any other – Peavey knows DSP. The DSP in the IPR2 are not based on the cheap DSP others use. It has everything you will need weather you are a hobbyist or professional. It Has:
• MAXX Bass – developed by Waves
• 120 ms of delay per channel
• 4 bands of parametric equalization per channel
• Security lock
• Adjustable Crossover
• Adjustable fourth-order high-pass filter each channel
• Horn EQ each channel
• Blue, backlit LCD screen
•  Preset

MAX X Bass:  
MAXX Bass enhancement technology used on more hit records and major motion pictures than any other.

MAXX BASS introduces a harmonic tone (higher frequency) of the low frequency. When your ears hear this, your brain fills in the low frequency and you hear up to an octave and a half lower than your speakers can produce. However the speaker is not reproducing it. MAXX Bass essentially tricks your brain into hearing the low frequency that isn’t there, so you don’t damage your speaker system – AMAZING.

Weight Packed: 9.48 lb(4.3 kg)
Width Packed: 10.5"(26.67 cm)
Height Packed: 19"(48.26 cm)
Depth Packed: 3.5"(8.89 cm)
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