Prost Lighting MoonBox GO
72W Hex LED Uplight

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MoonBox GO Battery Uplight

Super-Bright, Wide Coverage, Awesome Pre-Sets

The same folks who brought you Ape Labs have now introduced an even simpler uplight under their Prost Lighting brand! If you appreciate the engineering behind Ape Labs but don't require the sophisticated software and control options, this is the ideal uplight for you. The MoonBox GO was designed for lighting designers, DJs, musicians, and event professionals who typically use static colors all night.

Each battery par can includes an IR wireless remote and features DMX in/out ports, so you can certainly do more than just static wash lighting. However, if wireless control and full-scale light shows are your thing, nothing beats Ape Labs branded products.

The sleek digital menu on each light makes setup a breeze. It's in plain English and is straightforward. You'll recognize this menu from other Prost Lighting models such as the BlitzPar, UberPar, WonderBar, and StarkBar.

And aside from the menu, they also share remotes, so if you have multiple Prost Lighting products in your setup, there's no need to swap remotes.

MoonBox GO Specs:

  • 72 Watts
  • RGBAW+UV Hex Color LEDs
  • 25° Beam Angle
  • 12,926 LUX Rating
  • IR Remote Included
  • 10+ Hour Battery Life
  • Plain English, Simplified Digital Menu
  • Similar Color Pre-Sets at Ape Labs 2.0 Series
  • Control: DMX-512, Sound Active, Auto Program, IR Remote
  • 3-Year USA Warranty
  • NOTE: Wireless DMX Control Requires Dongle (not included)

Wireless Uplighting Magic The MoonBox Go is your ticket to wireless uplighting freedom. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to effortless, cable-free setups. Whether you're setting the stage for a concert or enhancing the ambiance at a home, this wireless uplight delivers stunning, vibrant colors with unparalleled convenience.

DJ's Dream Come True For DJs who prefer a straightforward and user-friendly lighting setup, the MoonBox Go is your new best friend. Created by the masterminds behind Ape Labs, this lighting gem is designed for those who want super-bright wash lights without the complexity. 

Handcrafted Color Presets Unlock a world of color possibilities with the MoonBox Go. We've packed it with presets inspired by the world-famous, hand-crafted colors that made the Ape Labs 2.0 series a hit among wedding professionals. And since the MoonBox GO adds UV to the color spectrum, an additional 3 pre-sets were added, bringing the total to 32 macros. All of the colors you need, without the clutter of useless ones!

All-Night Powerhouse Don't let your lighting run out of steam in the middle of your event. With the MoonBox Go, you get over 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge. And if you need even more time, few clicks down on the dimmer can double the battery life!

Wide Beam Optics The MoonBox Go's wide beam angle means you can achieve remarkable coverage with fewer uplights. So, in addition to the aggressive pricing of each unit, you'll save even more money because you likely won't need as many fixtures to uplight a room.

Upgrade your lighting game with the MoonBox Go by Prost Lighting. Experience the convenience of wireless uplighting, the simplicity of user-friendly controls, and the brilliance of handcrafted presets. Make your events unforgettable, and watch your DJ equipment and stage lighting shine brighter than ever before.

Elevate your lighting, elevate your events!

Weight: 5.5lbs
5x5x5 inches (excluding yoke)
7 inches across (including yoke)

Photometric Data:

LUX Ratings

Color All All        
Distance 1m 2m        
25° 12,926 3,450        
Color W W A A R R
Distance 1m 2m 1m 2m 1m 2m
25° 3,050 1025 1,460 400 2,250 645
Color G G B B UV UV
Distance 1m 2m 1m 2m 1m 2m
25° 2,450 735 3,250 950 600 151



Prost moon box go (Prost Lighting moonbox-go)

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