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Ape Labs Tripod Stand for Coin & Can


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Product Description

Tripd for Ape Labs Coin, Coin 2.0, Can SE, and Can 2.0

Reinforced Plastic for Ultra-Stong, Light-Weight Design  
M6 thread


The Ape Labs Tripod threads into the back of the Coin, Can SE, Coin 2.0 or Can 2.0. It will also be compatible with the original Can if you swap out the bottom plate of the Can with the "Can to Can SE Retrofit Bottom" plate.

This stand is used to mount your Can/Coin on the floor, table, or other flat surfaces. It will give you 540 degrees of freedom. Due to adjustable legs, the height of the M6 thread will be from 6 inches to 7.5 inches from the mounted surface.

Ape Labs Can 2.0 Tripod   ( Ape Labs Coin 2.0 Tripod )

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