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Product Description

Gemini UHF216M (Gemini UHF-216 M)

Available with Handheld Mics (M series) OR Headset/Lavaliere Mics (HL series)

The Gemini UHF-216 UHF Wireless Microphone System is designed to provide clear, natural sound in any environment over longer distances. The UHF-216 system provides users with a range of up to 250 feet over 16 selectable frequencies to ensure optimal transmission with no interference.

NOTE: the UHF-216 comes in two different configurations:
- UHF-116M comes with two HANDHELD unidirectional dynamic mics
- UHF-116HL comes with two HEADSET/LAVALIER combo mics

The UHF-216M includes the UHF-116 receiver and two UHF-16 HHM unidirectional dynamic pop resistant microphones for feedback rejection and high-SPL handling.
The UHF-216HL comes with the UHF-116 receiver and two HSL-08 combo headset/lavalieres that provide crisp, clear hands free sound.

The UHF-216 provides unmatched performance and affordability in a wireless system for presentations, houses of worship, vocalists, musicians, DJ’s and public speaking venues.

High quality (dual channel) UHF receivers with 250’ range
US: 16 operating frequencies per channel between 682 MHz and 697 MHz
EUR: 16 operating frequencies per channel between 854 MHz and 864 MHz
Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuitry for increased reception
RF and AF LED indicators for monitoring incoming signal strength
Auto mute with squelch control and built-in noise reduction
Front panel output level controls
Standard (1/4” 6.3mm jack) outputs
2 Unidirectional, handheld dynamic microphones (UHF-216M)
2 combo headset/lavalieres (UHF-216HL)
Low battery LED indicators
Microphone On/Off switches


US Frequencies:
CH 1 682.35 MHz CH 9 690.1 MHz
CH 2 683.25 MHz CH 10 690.75 MHz
CH 3 683.85 MHz CH 11 691.5 MHz
CH 4 684.85 MHz CH 12 692.5 MHz
CH 5 685.75 MHz CH 13 693.6 MHz
CH 6 686.6 MHz CH 14 694.85 MHz
CH 7 687.5 MHz CH 15 695.7 MHz
CH 8 688.75 MHz CH 16 697.1 MHz

Europe Frequencies:
CH 1 854.1 MHz CH 9 860.2 MHz
CH 2 855.75 MHz CH 10 861.3 MHz
CH 3 856.5 MHz CH 11 861.65 MHz
CH 4 857.35 MHz CH 12 862.25 MHz
CH 5 857.9 MHz CH 13 863.05 MHz
CH 6 858.55 MHz CH 14 863.6 MHz
CH 7 859.05 MHz CH 15 864.15 MHz
CH 8 859.75 MHz CH 16 864.7 MHz

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