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Jensen Transformers PO-2XX | 2 Channel Output Transformer

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Product Description
The Jensen Transformers Iso Max PO-2XX is a two-channel line output isolator for balanced signals where extreme signal handling is required to drive long cable runs.

The design begins with a rugged flanged enclosure that comes standard with gold plated XLRs and a removable screw-down barrier strip for easy installation in NEMA enclosures. Plug and play easy to use, this passive interface does not require any power to work. Inside are two high performance nickel core Jensen transformers that are able to withstand signals in excess of +20 dBu without discernible distortion while delivering a linear response to 150 kHz. This provides galvanic isolation between the input and output to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops, rejecting noise by as much as 110 dB. To further optimize the performance, a bottom mounted eight position ‘set & forget’ dip switch enables the user to configure the PO-2XX grounding scheme as needed.

Made to accommodate both balanced or unbalanced signals, simply connect the PO-2XX anywhere you like between the source and destination and the PO-2XX will quietly go to work as it delivers exceptional audio while eliminating ground loops and electromagnetic interference (EMI). This makes the Iso•Max PO-2XX a superb choice for the most demanding studio, broadcast and performance venue installations.

Jensen Transformers PO-2XX Features:
Drives balanced and unbalanced signals long distances
Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
Withstands input levels in excess of +26 dB at 30 Hz
Plug & play easy to use, no power required

Jensen Transformers PO2XX   ( Pro PO 2XX )

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