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To leave a great lasting impression on your audience, clear and powerful sound is a necessity. Depending on your style and audience size, your speaker system needs will vary drastically. Mobile guys love powered systems. Passive speakers with amps are sometimes ideal for installs. Most column arrays are great for wider coverage, shorter throw applications. Line arrays are ideal for large, concert style events. And two-way speaker enclosures, the most common style, have the widest variety of uses. However, there are many variations of each style. Plus, adding subwoofers to a sound system can change everything.

At KPODJ, we recommend looking at SPL (rather than wattage) and coverage angle when comparing speakers, as power ratings alone can be misleading. But output isn't the only factor to keep in mind. If you can stop by our showroom, we'd be happy to A/B speakers for you that we have in stock. If you're not local, call a KPODJ rep to get his or her first hand experience.
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showing products 1 to 60 of 589